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Introducing... Your personal Nigerian grocery store.

Flours & Grains

Ghana Garri
Yellow Garri
White Garri
Cassava Flour
Yam Flour
Pounded Yam
Corn Starch
White Beans, Ground
Brown Beans

Condiments & Spices

Pepper, Ground
Egusi, Seeds
Egusi, Ground
Ogbono, Seeds
Ogbono, Ground
Maggi Cubes, Regular
Maggi Cubes, Chicken
Knorr Cubes, Chicken

Meats & Seafood

Shrimps, Dried
Shrimps, Ground
Crayfish, Dried


Bitterleaves, Dried
Ugwu, Dried
Okazi, Dried

Cooking Oil

Palm Oil




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